Edinburgh 2010



Edinburgh Festival Season 2010

Friday, 6 – Monday 30 August, 2010


A year on her back, sunning herself in warmer climes – pink martinis by the pool, milk baths and facials, even rumours: “She's had some work done!” – the old dame is back in all her glory and ready to strut her stuff on the world's greatest festival stage! The 'Surprise Pink' gel is in the lantern, the piano is at A440, spats have been spat and polished, silks straightened and tickets tripped.

The most Famous of all magic mirror tents is joined this year by her second-cousin-once-removed, The Deluxe Lounge Supper Club & Speakeasy anchored by the notorious Shuffle Club, a brilliant band that simply reeks of (lower) class, and featuring The Magic Lantern Picture Show, a fresh new festival of quirky short films.

In 2010, The Famous Spiegel Garden offers not just the promise, but the reality of edible food, courtesy of a taste-tested selection of foodies set to seduce your taste buds, jostling amongst gypsies, horse traders and unsavoury types, selling not only themselves, but vintage clothing, jewellery and invaluable or impractical bric-à-brac…

A new commission – Smoke and Mirrors – follows in the stiletto-heeled footsteps of La Clique and stars the household-name-to-be... iOTA. With the sensational Spontaneous Broadway tickling your fancy along with your funny-bone, the finest line-up of concerts and our resident DJ Lenny Love spinning grooves, you’ll remember why you are alive!

The Famous Spiegeltent family are thrilled to be back in George Square Gardens in 2010 with the grande dame turning 90. She’s greener, sweeter and more sustainable than ever – and loving her northern summer just as much as the Auld Toon loves her!

Carry your love over the threshold!!!

The Spiegelmaestro

Please note, in accordance with Scottish liquor licencing laws, minors are not permitted within The Famous Spiegel Garden after 10pm.

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Edinburgh Festival Season 2010 Program

Smoke & Mirrors

Hot-housed in the same boudoir as La Clique, Sydney Festival's phenomenal hit of 2010 brings you a troupe of carnival glitterati ignited by its own wicked live band and powerful, charismatic superstar iOTA. A live concept album, a fantasy cabaret...



Full Price: £ 20.00 Concession: £ 15.00

Ages 18 and over

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Spontaneous Broadway

 “Utterly brilliant... Mindblowing... Sensational” ***** The Age

A hilarious, ridiculous new musical opens... and closes... every night! Even if you hate Broadway, you'll adore this show!




Full Price: £ 12.00 Concession: £ 10.00

Jest Like Danny Kaye

Fall in love again with Danny Kaye, the favourite childhood comedian of millions, hailed in 1950 as the greatest entertainer in the world. It's a rollicking, sing-along, laugh-a-minute riot for families and comedy fans alike.





Full Price: £ 10.00/8.00 Concession: £ 7.00/5.00 Family: £ 22.00/28.00


A magical new setting for traditional music, an uplifting, cinematic experience, Macmaster/Hay’s elegant and emotional live show conjures up visions of a beautiful, yet dangerous, Scottish landscape.


Full Price: £ 12.00 Concession: £ 10.00

Duke Special


Dynamic, musically ambitious and bracingly eccentric, with a sound that is self-confessed 'hobo-chic', Duke Special is blissfully at home in his own alluring genre of beautifully bruised romanticism, vaudeville-esque sensibility, sing-alongs and addictive melodies.


All Tickets: £ 12.50  

Jack L

 "It's not fair to reduce such a talented individual to ‘a kind of blend between Frank Sinatra, Jacques Brel, Scott Walker and Nick Cave’, but at least it gives some clue to his performance and material...  I have no idea why this man is not an international star, but he should be.” Jerry Sadowitz


All Tickets: £ 15.00  

Moishe's Bagel


Thrillingly original cutting-edge klezmer and world folk music from some of Scotland’s finest musicians. An intoxicating, life-affirming mix of Eastern European dance music, Middle Eastern rhythms and virtuoso performances, Moishe's Bagel has passion, soul and irresistible energy.


Full Price: £ 15.00 Concession: £ 12.00



Groundbreaking Scottish mavericks Shooglenifty push the word ‘traditional’ to its limits. The originators of 'acid-croft' or 'hypno-folkadelic ambient trad' – a fiery and infectious blend of traditional music and dance grooves. Their sound may be difficult to put into words, but audiences around the world have fallen under their musical spell.


Full Price: £ 15.00 Concession: £ 13.00

The Bevvy Sisters


Mixing classy original songs, vibrant vintage folk and artful contemporary covers into the headiest of musical cocktails., this Scottish harmony outfit unites the richly-seasoned voices of Heather Macleod, Kaela Rowan and Lindsey Black with Shooglenifty percussionist James Mackintosh, and David Donnelly on guitar, mandolin and backing vocals.


All Tickets: £ 12.00

Niki King sings The Billie Holiday Songbook


Sublime jazz vocalist Niki King is set to honour Billie Holiday following the 50th anniversary of her death. A Perrier Jazz Vocalist of the Year, Niki King celebrates the artist’s early work by performing her hugely successful Songbook concert.


Full Price: £ 15.00 Concession: £ 12.00 

The Poozies


Following the success of their brilliant latest album, Yellow Like Sunshine, The Poozies are back to entertain and enthrall you. Now in their 20th year, and with their strongest line-up yet, these pioneers of musical diversity will leave you breathless.


All Tickets: £ 12.00  

The Picture of Dusty Limits


International cabaret performer and Fringe habitué Dusty Limits drags the skeletons from his closet and drinks them under the table in a one-man tour-de-force inspired by the twin spirits of Decadence and Disillusion. The show is by turns hilarious, moving and provocative.


Full Price: £ 15.00 Concession: £ 12.00

Mr Boom


Let your imagination zoom with the one and only Mr Boom. A veteran of the Fringe, Mr Boom returns to delight wee Earthlings with his cosmic one-man band.  Interactive and entertaining, this is an hour of wondrous enjoyment!


“The children love him” The Scotsman


All Tickets: £ 7.00


The Deluxe Lounge Supper Club and Speakeasy


The natural habitat of the sensational Shuffle Club. A house band of infinite proportions, this collection of crotchet bandits and swingers are responsible for the musical taste of The Famous Spiegel Garden. The Deluxe Lounge will be inviting guests from early evening – as long as they have made an effort – and will serve up most of your preferred poisons!

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The Magic Latern Picture Show


An eclectic, late-night movie season coaxing unique film experiences from the corners of the world into the darkened folds of The Deluxe Lounge. Curated and presented by the Tragic Usherette – a hat-check girl and candy-tray queen who desperately wants to be up on the silver screen… but selling popcorn is the closest she’ll ever get.


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