Cast List La Clique - Canberra 2016

Gerry Connolly - (Australia) Comedian and concert pianist 
Remi Martin - (France/Germany) - Pole aerialist
Chris Myland - (Germany) - Acrobatic dancer
Felice Aguilar - (Germany) Acrobatic dancer
Vicky Butterfly - (UK) - Exotic and Burlesque dancer
Sophie Zucchini - (UK) - Burlesque artist and Comedienne
Paul Zenon - (UK) - Magician and Comedian
Omar Cortes - (Spain) - Acrobat
Kelly Wolframm (Australia) - Vocalist

The Shuffle Club (Melbourne) - Dannie Bourne (MD keyboards and vocals), Ashley Gaudion (saxophones and vocals), Rod Gilbert (Drums and vocals), James Luke (bass), Marty Hailey (guitar and vocals)

Fri 19 Feb to Mon 14 Mar – 8.30pm (80 mins)
Tickets $65* Note: no shows Mondays except 14 MAR Adult themes – children admitted at discretion of accompanying parent/guardian


Last updated 29 February 2016